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Discover what it’s like to find perfect partner matches for your unique ideal profile, drive more revenue, and save time.

What we do

Most channel programs in B2B tech experience only 5% to 20% partner activation.

We are focused on changing that by enabling you to learn whether a company is a great fit for your channel program based on how they compare to your ideal partner profile.

This helps channel sales

This helps channel marketers

The future of channel partner discovery is all about the profile

Professional sports teams use profiles to select the best players. Dating sites use profiles to find perfect matches, our DNA is a unique profile, and music apps use profiles to suggest new music weekly.

We do the same—help you create data-driven company profiles so you can discover new partners from our proprietary, ever-growing database of over 150,000 partners.

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technology doing the work

Let technology do the work

Once your ideal partner profile is created the PartnerOptimizer platform uses AI to analyze millions of predictive data points and attributes and matches partners accordingly.

It quickly discovers new “matches” and also identifies inactive or undervalued partners within your partner ecosystem. Our proprietary algorithms determine which partners are likely to be most receptive to your outreach initiatives, so you can spend your time with the right partners at the right time.

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Available partner discovery, insights and research methods are outdated, manual and take months and hundreds of thousands of dollars, with no guaranteed results.

We do it differently.

Save hours in your work week

Reduce manual processes like searching online, buying contact lists, doing non-targeted outreach.

Millions of predictive data points

PartnerOptimizer profiles contain company attributes including: business model, products and solutions, customer focus, technology stack, certifications and more.

Domain expertise

Our channel experts guide you through the ideal partner profile process for an optimal partner matching experience.

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