Channel Partners as a G2M Strategy with SaaSMAX CEO Dina Moskowitz (Podcast)

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One of the best things your company can do to grow is to hedge your growth levers against one another, otherwise known as “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

That’s why you never see successful companies rely on just one marketing channel. But what about on the sales side?

Sure, you can have a team of salespeople, and even divide teams by region or account type, but isn’t it still ultimately a one-prong effort? Enter: Channel partners.

Hear from Dina Moskowitz, CEO of SaaSMAX, whose PartnerOptimizer tool identifies the best possible channel partners for any company on a recent episode of the Startup Hypeman podcast. In this episode, she steps up to the mic to share the inside story.

Listen to the full episode here.