Workshop: Accelerate your channel sales by deploying your Ideal Partner Profile

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Ideal Partner Workshop

Time and time again our customers tell us finding qualified (especially highly qualified) partner prospects to recruit is the most frustrating, time consuming, costly challenge channel teams have to deal with today.

Imagine identifying the right partner prospects in minutes instead of months and starting your recruitment outreach right away. Then imagine increasing your conversion rate because you’re only talking to well-aligned partners who actually understand what your product does and have the right customers.

That’s the power of knowing your data-driven Ideal Partner Profile and having access to the most innovative channel partner discovery engine in B2B tech.

You’re invited to our Channel Sales Workshop on September 22nd at 10am PT to learn our proven approach to Ideal Partner Profile-driven strategies that reduces the time spent from searching to signing a well-qualified partner by 25% to 50%.

We will discuss how you can build and deploy your product’s Ideal Partner Profile to find the best-fit partners, increase your recruitment conversion rates and hit your partner revenue targets.

If you’re unable to attend, just register and we’ll send you the recording. Or reach out to schedule a demo with our customer success team.

This mastermind-quality session is being brought to you by SaaSMAX PartnerOptimizer, pioneer of data-driven partner discovery, profiling, and channel analytics solutions.

Click here to register.